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Edith Yeung, Right Ventures Interview

Nima inteviewed Edith Yeung, Partner Right Ventures @SXSW.  She spoke about Passion. “Life is short, you have to do something you are passionate about.”...

Gwen Edwards, Golden Seeds Interview

Nima interviewed Gwen Edwards, Managing Director Golden Seeds @TechnologyInATent earlier in the year.  Gwen spoke about her ability to execute on Sales.  “Half of...

Julie Craft, Infusionsoft Interview

Julie Craft, Regional Development Director San Francisco Bay Area Infusionsoft gave me an interview @TIECon 2013.  She’s been a woman in high tech for over 20...

Jim Kaskade, CEO Infochimps Interview

  I interviewed Jim Kaskade, CEO Infochimps. He talks about Infochimps & gave some suggestions for entrepreneurs who are raising venture. He had a great perspective...

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