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Steve Goldberg, Partner Venrock @NoPanels Summer 2014. Venrock in general is a diversified program, everything from Healthcare to Consumer to Enterprise Software to Networking, Steve is the Science guy @Venrock so he focuses on Embedded Systems, Robotics, Wearables, Drones, Wireless etc. The team is very important – people that are matched to the market & really understand the market. Also a very thought through execution plan & very important a market that they think is BIG enough! They need a $B outcome so they’re looking for the waves, what is going to be the next big thing. Not only do you have to do well but sometimes High Tide helps also! Anything related to the Cloud where you get the benefit of aggregated data – cloud computing, cloud processing together with crowd sourced information. People’s data gets aggregated anonymously but you can make decisions based on what the cloud does. Internet Security is always big – its the gift that keeps on giving! Steve’s areas of interest above where you are integrating wireless & processing & cloud & hardware all coming together now because the price points are right & you can actually solve real problems.

Pemo Theodore

Pemo is a Media Publisher & Event Producer. She is CoFounder/CEO Silicon Valley TV She is the Executive Producer of FinTech Silicon Valley & organizes Bay Area FinTech meetup: Silicon Valley FinTech meetup & Blockchain Music meetup with almost 3k members. She has produced Silicon Valley Events for Investors & Startups 7 years. She video interviews venture capitalists & angel investors & FinTech experts. She partners with videographers to cover San Francisco Bay area startup conferences & meetups with livestreaming, video & foto packages Silicon Valley TV She is based in Silicon Valley & has been involved in online business for 14 years. She has been in small business for 46 years in Ireland, London, Canada & Australia. She also published a free ebook (the findings of 1 year research from VCs, angels & women founders) “Why are Women Funded Less than Men? a crowdsourced conversation” She was TheNextWomen‘s most prolific contributor of 2011. Silicon Valley TV has been noted as a platform for supporting high growth women led companies in Huffington Post

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