Events Feedback

“Pemo is a Dynamo! She puts a lot of energy and care into these programs and it shows in the quality of the discussion.” Miko Matsumura Founder Evercoin

“Silicon Valley TV Produces high-quality content in the tech realm. They gather experts from various domains, assemble a relevant audience and produce great events. It’s always a pleasure to participate, and I always meet interesting people and build new relationships.” David Blumberg Founder/Managing Partner Blumberg Capital

“Pemo continues to keep the quality and value of SVTV above all other standards – thank you for everything you do.” Peter Rafelson, Founder Digiramp

“Pemo has some great experience / useful assets that is helpful to lots of people and great for the startup / tech / investor community!” Dave McClure

“Every event I’ve been to resulted in either a new important insight or a new key relationships and often both.” Steve Kirsch CEO Token

“I actually really enjoyed Pemo’s event! My only regret is that over the last year schedules haven’t aligned for more. I was struck by two things: the first was the folks that Pemo brings to the conversation (I re-met a panelist at the event and have since kept up regular communication with him) and 2) the community that Pemo is building. Don’t stop! I also thought the videos are helpful. I have linked to mine on my linkedin and social!” Alex Lazarow Global Venture Investor Cathay Innovation

“FinTech Silicon Valley events are excellent networking opportunities. I’ve been a panelist and moderator, and each time I’ve met incredibly interesting people.” Wayne Vaughan Chief Executive Officer Tierion

“I got great value in our 1-on-1 conversation video interview because it allowed me to share my fintech & real estate experiences in an intimate setting.” John Kang CoFounder/CEO REASI

“Thanks Pemo Theodore. Love what you are doing to advance the visibility of #fintech innovation!” Jeremy Almond CEO Paystand via Linkedin