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Pemo Theodore, CEO/Founder Silicon Valley TV Inc; Mark Crager, Founder/Managing Partner Next Stage Partners & Helen MacKenzie, Managing Director Avalon Net Worth

Venture Capital Firms

Alpha Bridge Ventures; Andreessen Horowitz; Bullpen Capital; Commerce Ventures; DFJ Ventures; Gradient Ventures; Greylock Partners; Gumi Ventures; i/o Ventures; Initialized Capital; Norwest Venture Partners; SAP.iO fund; Signia Ventures; SOSV; Xfund; Xsolla Capital​; 1955 Capital; 37North Capital; 500 Startups; 500FinTech; Abstract Ventures; Accel; Accomplice VC; Advani Family Office; Africa Venture Capital Investments @IFC (World Bank); Alpha Square Group; Altos Ventures; American Express; American Family Ventures; Amino Capital; Angel Rush Ventures; Arctos Capital; Asset Management Ventures; August Capital; Azure Capital; Baidu Ventures; Bain Capital Ventures; Benhamou Global Ventures; Berkeley Haas Social Venture Fund initiative; Bessemer Venture Partners; BioRock Ventures; Blockchain Capital; Bloomberg Beta; Blue Bear Ventures; Blue Run Ventures; Blumberg Capital; BoostVC; BP Ventures; Bragiel Brothers; Broadhaven Capital Partners; Brown Dog Partners; BullPen Capital; Canaan Partners; Carrick Capital Partners; Castle Island Ventures; Cathay Innovation; Cendana Capital; Chainfund Capital; Chromatic Capital; Citi Ventures; CoCapital; Codable Capital; Comcast Ventures; Commerce Ventures; Concours Ventures; Conductive Ventures; Core Innovation Capital; Correlation Ventures; Costanoa Ventures; Cowboy Ventures; Cross Culture Ventures; Crosslink Capital; CryptoOracle Io; DBL Investors; DCM Ventures; Decibel Partners; Deciens Capital; DFJ; DOCOMO Ventures; Draper Associates; Draper Dragon Fund; E Ventures; E11 Capital; Emergence Capital Partners; Envision Ventures; EPIC Ventures; Ericsson Ventures; Exalt Capital Partners; Experian Ventures; Felicis Ventures; Fika Ventures; Fin VC; First Round Capital; Floodgate; Flybridge Capital Partners; Forerunner Ventures; Founders Fund; FoundersX Ventures; Foundry Group; Future Perfect Ventures; FYRFLY Venture Partners; Galaxy Digital; GE Ventures; Global Brain Corporation; Golden Seeds; Gradient Ventures; Green Prosperity; Green Visor Capital; Greylock Ventures; Groundwork Ventures; Hard Yaka; Hardware Club; HealthTech Capital; Humanity United; Hummer Winblad Venture Partners; Icon Ventures; IFly Vc;; Illuminate Ventures; INBlockchain; Index Ventures; INovia; Inspiration Ventures; Intel Capital; Intudo Ventures; Samsung Venture Investment; K9 Ventures; Kapor Capital; KDDI Open Innovation Fund; Keiretsu Capital; Khosla Ventures; Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers; Lightspeed Venture Partners; Lumia Capital; Lumira Capital; Lux Capital Management; M12, Microsoft’s Venture Fund; Matrix Partners; Mayfield Fund; Merian Ventures; MiddleGame Ventures; Mighty Capital; Mohr Davidow Ventures; Montage Capital; Motorola Solutions Venture Capital; Multicoin Capital; Munich Re Ventures; Naspers Ventures; NEA; Net Service Ventures; Network Society Ventures; NextEquity Partners; NextGen Venture Partners; NGP Capital; NSV Wolf Capital; Nyca Partners; Obvious Ventures; Omidyar Network; OnePrime Capital; Orange Silicon Valley; O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures (OATV) and; Outpost Capital; Owl Ventures; Pantera Capital; Partech Ventures; Patamar Capital; Pathbreaker Ventures; Paypal Ventures; Piedmont Partners Group Ventures; Pivot North Capital; Polychain Capital; Pond Ventures; Practical Venture Capital; Precursor Ventures; Prologis; Promus Ventures; Propel Venture Partners; Protocol Ventures; Qualcomm Ventures; Racers Edge Investments;Refactor Capital; Revolution; Ribbit Capital; Rivet Ventures; Robert Bosch; Route 66 Ventures; Salveo Capital; Samsung Venture Investment; Sand Hill Angels; Sante Ventures; Sausalito Ventures; ALAYA Capital Partners; Scalar Capital; Scale Venture Partners; Science Blockchain; Sequoia Capital; Shasta Ventures; Sierra Ventures; Signia Venture Partners; Silver Lake Partners; Sinovation Ventures; SixThirty; SJF Ventures; Skylight Investment; Social Impact Capital; SoftBank; SoGal Ventures; A Level Capital; Sony Innovation Fund; Sorenson Ventures; Sozo Ventures; Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs; Starta Ventures; Stern Ventures; StillMark Co; Strive Capital; Sure Ventures; SV Angel; SV LATAM Fund; Sway Ventures; Tekton Ventures; Tencent; The Angels Forum; The House Fund; ThirdStream Partners; Thomvest Ventures; Threshold Ventures; Toyota AI Ventures; Trammell Venture Partners; TransLink Capital; Tribe Capital; Trinity Ventures; True Ventures; Tuesday Capital; Tyche Partners; Ubiquity Ventures; UL Ventures; Uncork Capital; Union Square Ventures; Unshackled Ventures; Upfront Ventures; Uprising; Upshift Capital; Upside Partnership; US Venture Partners; USAA; Venrock; Verizon Ventures; Vivacitas Oncology; Walden Venture Capital; Walkabout Ventures; Wavemaker; Westlake Village BioPartners; Westly Capital; WestWave Capital; Foundation Capital; Wing Venture Capital; Wittington Ventures; World Innovation Lab; Xfund; XSeed Capital


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SVTV value is ensuring the quality of startups presenting and the presence of qualified investors and hosting virtual events where qualified startups can pitch directly to appropriate & interested Silicon Valley investors.

Deck & Pitch Requirements for Submission to SVTV Team

Each company submitting their presentation to align with this formula.  We suggest that they use a subset of these slides to make up their abbreviated presentation.  We can have decks available for follow up with any investors that would like more information.

1) Title page (Name, logo, date and possibly a descriptive subtitle)  

2) List the problem (What is (company) trying to solve?)

3) The solution:  What is the (company) solution for these problems?

4) Who are the main people involved with a short bio for each

5) What is the business model? (Critical and must be believable)

6) What is the (company) proprietary technology and why is this important to solve the problem?

7) Who is the competition?  Who has similar technology and been successful?   Who has failed and why?

8) Why is the (company) solution better?

9) What is the go to market plan?  How will you resonate with the target audience?

10) Money/Milestones  What has been accomplished to date with product and fundraising?  What are the plans and ask going forward?

As long as a company is able to submit a presentation that follows the outline above, we would review the presentation and make recommendations for changes to get it ready for showtime.  There is a charge $USD3,000 payable in advance per participating company to review deck & pitch.  Your company can add a mutually agreed amount onto our fee but for this service we recommend that you charge your own fee for due diligence for startups wishing to be submitted to our service. We will notify which startups that are submitted will qualify to go through review and connection with investors. If any were interested in more detailed edits and graphics work, the team would price that separately on a case by case basis.

Each startup to create a 3 minute pitch via Loom and submit url of pitch video along with deck.

Once decks/pitches due diligence is done by our team, they will also determine which investors in our network are the best to invite to virtual event where founders will pitch the chosen investors.

Your Responsibilities

Once mutual agreement has been reached on terms we agree that your company will have exclusive rights in the Spain to sell our service.

Your value is helping startups execute on their plan

Your company would secure Spanish sponsors to help fund the project for your company and would be transparent with SVTV team about where that funding is coming from & how much investment. Your company can also add on extra charge to our fees that we mutually agree upon to market our services.

You have permission to syndicate our podcasts RSS: This is a great way to promote our services. If you can attract sponsors in Spain here is the link to costs for sponsorship of podcasts I will revenue share with you on this 25% to you for obtaining sponsor.

Your company would need to conduct due diligence & screening on all startups that you want to submit for our screening process aiming to select at least 20 startups Seed to C Round stage and let us know how many of the companies at each stage will be finalized

No direct competitors in the final group

Sector/Industry agnostic

Ensure final companies submitted are all high quality (by VC standards)

A minimum of 10 to 12 startups to be submitted to us after your due diligence

No direct access to investors before/after events except through SVTV

Cost of virtual event to connect startups with investors would be $USD25,000 for maximum 12 startups who are eligible for presentation to investors. Or $2,500 per startup for minimum 10 startups who are eligible for presentation to investors. These fees are payable in advance to confirm virtual pitch events with investors for startups submitted.

Note: As regards Government Sponsorship: Applicants may need to be nominated by someone, this will allow the winnowing of people who apply who are not qualified at the beginning of this process. Then Sponsor will not be embarrassed by rogue players 

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